Medium Voltage Outdoor Resin Cast Potential Transformer

Medium Voltage Oil Cooled Potential Transformers of single core for metering purpose are commonly used. Di-electric strength of the oil-impregnated paper insulation is preserved by hermetic sealing of the transformer. Our product specification is as follows

Applications Metering, Protection
Construction Outdoor resin cast
System Voltage Upto 33kV
Type Single/three phase, multi-core/ratio
Accuracy class
Metering 0.2, 0.5, 1.0
Protection 3P
Primary Upto 33KV
Secondary 110V AC


  • Oil / Paper Insulation.
  • High insulation reliability.
  • Metal parts corrosion resistive.
  • Porcelain bushing suitable for polluted atmosphere.
  • Easily accessible to LV terminals.

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